GSP Talks UTV Axle Wear And Tear

As anyone who’s driven one will tell you, UTVs are incredible. Their popularity has exploded over the past decade and made them a staple of the off-road community. But just like any off-road rig, these miniature machines wear down over time. When it comes to CV axles, the degradation isn’t as visible as say, tires or brake pads. The damage is internal, and if not taken care of in time, it can have disastrous consequences.

To help us get a better grasp of what goes into a UTV axle and how they wear out, we spoke with Robert Murgado, Product Manager at GSP. “The thing with UTVs is that compared to the average car, they see a lot more abuse,” he pointed out. “They get torn up in the desert, the woods, and off-road parks. Owners love to give their side-by-sides a lot of upgrades, running different tires and suspension and lighting, and eventually, these upgrades highlight the weakest link. At some point, that link becomes the CV axles.”

Murgado made a good point. UTVs generally see only off-road use, and off-roading is anything but gentle to a vehicle. The rest of the time, it’s either hitched to a trailer or kept in a garage. So it’s good to know that GSP offers replacement CV axles that keep the good times rolling. In order to do that, however, owners have to take the time to inspect their UTV.

“I would say checking the axles after every ou